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We have the knowledge and expertise to help you with Optimizing the Efficiency of your home. Most homes lack the recommended amount of insulation in order to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout. Idaho HEO can provide a free estimate and consult to discuss your options.

Save on Energy Bills and Stay Cozy

Decrease your household energy consumption while. improving your homes overall energy performance.

Providing Blow-in Insulation, Bonus Room Envelope, Spray Foam, TAP Insulation, and Home Energy Consult Services in the Treasure Valley.

Air Sealing

By reducing the loss of climate controlled air we drastically reduce the drafts and improve overall comfort throughout your home. Our trained technicians use a variety of techniques and products to seal your home.

Blow in insulation r40

Blow in Insulation

Most homes will have what is known as Blow-in or cellulose insulation. However, approximately 90% of homes in the US are UNDER-Insulated. Idaho is Cold and Hot; sometimes in the same day. Let’s get you insulated correctly.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam insulation is a great option as well. Anything from shops, pole barns and garages to complete removal of attic insulation; ID HEO can do it all. Insulate for Idaho weather and be comfortable year round.

Honest Reviews

Awesome company that focused on a solution to our problems rather than an upsell.

Rick R. – Middleton, ID

Excellent company to work with. We couldn’t ask for better customer service and great knowledge! Thanks again for all your hard work!!

Joe W. – Boise, ID